Star trek – into darkness. And Benedict Cumberbatch overload

Yesterday evening I spent most of my time with Benedict Cumberbatch. Okay, not him in person, of course but still….I found this awesome pic of him and therefore I took out my pencils. I’ m not done yet but so far:


The drawing got me thinkin’ that I still hadn’t seen Star Trek – into darkness. So I did. The result; 8 hours of Benedict Cumberbatch. I loved him as the dark and evilz Khan, and I am also very fond of the casting of Zachary Quinto as Spock. They did a good job there. Not easy to fill Nimoy’s ears.

Also, dude playing Chekov;Anton Yelchin, did the movie version of Odd Thomas a fantastic book by author Dean Koontz and I can’t wait to see if that is good or bad. Odd Thomas might be one of the most loveable characters Koontz ever created.

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