Rumor has it

So what started as a thought about just writing about creative stuff has slowly (?) turned into a blog where I more or less just blurge out various thoughts that crosses my mind when I watch tv and movies. Well, it might change over the time I spend writing, but now I ended up in a clicksyndrome-spiral which resulted in this:

So Nina Dobrev, actor that is most famous for playing Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce on Vampire diaries is in the beginning of the show head over heels in love with Stefan, played by Paul Wesley, but later on turns to his brother Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder. Nina and Ian dated in real life for a couple of years, while Paul was married to Torrey DeVitto, who plays Meredith Fell in the same show. Love is in the air? Well, not enough with this. Matt, played by Zach Roerig, first dated Kayla Ewel, who in the show plays Matt’s sister Vicki. Then he dated Candice Accola, playing Caroline, the girl who in a brief period in the show is his girlfriend.

So, I thought the love life in the show was all drama and complicated, but hey, it does not seem to be any easier off camera for the crew here :D

Still, I find all this to be very natural. During my short period of employment at a theatre I was most amazed by the actors way of handling their relationships to each other. Best friends playing enemies, two that really not got along that well playing lovers, etc.

I can’t even imagine my life with having to use emotions like they do in their line of work and that is also why I find acting, directing and everything surrounding productions of visual stories (tv, movies, theatre) so fascinating.

My flirting interest in a gif-story

Is it okay to whine about a boy-interest on your Cultural blog? Well, this is my blog so I am taking charge and will do this. ‘Cuz I can. So; I get interested in someone like once in a blue moon. My interest is most of the time kinda dead and not around at all, but there is this one guy, that I don’t know (it is one of those yearn from a distance), but he gives me this feeling:

And it feels like he is all:

And I don’t blame him. At all, I mean we don’t know each other, it has been somewhat smiles and awkward politeness (I think, I have no frikkin idea, because I don’t understand boys) but he is so god damn delicious. Something like this:

But I think he more sees me as:

So what do I do? I make a story on my blog (to which HE HAS THE ADDRESS) out of gifs (borrowed, not mine), showing my enormous amount of self distance and capacity to make jokes even when I am coming out empty-handed in a flirting interest:

Hey. Ica-boy. I’m a catch ^^



The forgotten love

spoiler alert on Game of Thrones. If you haven’t seen up until season 4 episode 9 don’t read.


I want to talk about love couples on screen. Or rather, the forgotten ones. I myself got so happy when Gilly survived and found her way to Castle Black, re-connected with Sam and he finds the courage to kiss her. But not that many people seems to care about this love story. Well. The love stories that we have cared about looks like this:

Dany and Drogo

Jon and Ygritte

Robb and Talisa

So, why should we be moved by this:

Oh please let me tell. Sam is raised by a father that basically hates him, loathes him and bullies him into self-hatred. He constantly get nagged on because he is overweight. When he arrives at the wall everybody thinks he is a target for bully outlet and still he manages to pull through. Jon Snow is the only one that stands up for him in the beginning and that friendship makes Sam fight. Sam suffers all adversities possible and still he comes through. He kills a white walker for crying out loud. But because of his non-hero-look his love for Gilly does not really appeal to the audience in the same manner as, say Jon Snows very complicated relationship with Ygritte. Jon is a muscular good-looking haunted man with dark issues about his mother, father and an upbringing as a bastard, but why is the real reason to why we fall for Jon? Because he is frikkin gorgeous to look at. Come on people, Kit Harrington that plays Jon Snow is eye candy in a fur coat. Samwell Tarly on the other hand does not fall in that category. My heart cries for this, because he is such a hero, but seldom recognized as one. And Gilly….oh Gilly, what a fighter. She knows basically nothing about anything and still she is the most awesome person, with her survival instinct.

If there is one love couple I am cheering for it is totally Sam and Gilly.


Bad boy/good guy analysis

Spoiler alert on Vampire diaries. If you have not seen the show and don’t want spoilers, this might not be the best post to read.


In Vampire Diaries Stefan Salvatore is labeled as the good brother and Damon Salvatore as the diabolic evil guy. I have just started to re-watch the first season of the show since I had a huge gap in my memory about all the things that went down in the beginning of the plot. And the more I see of the show from the top I am amazed over the fact that Damon gets the bad boy label. Let me explain.

Yes. Damon acts shifty, shady and he kills people in a very provocative way when  he arrives at Mystic Falls. That is all true and on top of that he  has the sarcastic non-charming way of handling people, and yes, he also uses Caroline Forbes as a puppet in the beginning. All these things is of course things that is creepy, wrong and plain bad, I will not argue with anyone there.


Stefan has saved Elena from drowning, made her forget about it, then stalked her from a distance for months because she looks like his former lover Katherine. He enlists in high school just so that he can get to know her. He hides the fact that he is a vampire. He keeps secrets from her,  he leads her on then to push her away, with the excuse that it is for her own good. Still he gets the part of the good guy. Why? Because he does it out of love?

Well, Damon sort of does what he does out of love too. Early in the show, we get presented with the fact that Damon is way more in love with Katherine Pierce than Stefan ever was and Stefans naive believe in his father makes him betray Damons and Katherines trust in not exposing her as a vampire. All just to get her hunted down and put away in a tomb (well, she is not gonna end up there, but that is beyond the brothers knowing).

Damon has been betrayed, lost his love, his father has seen him as a complete failure and also, before the Salvatore brothers gets turned, he has been fighting in war. When turned into vampire everything you feel gets heightened. Is it surpricing that Damon gets to be one pissed of vampire when all this has been strucked upon him? Not really.

As for Stefan; he becomes the frikkin ripper. He has probably killed more people during his time as a vampire than Damon has, at least my guess is that their kill-list is far more equal in numbers than we’d like to think.

Damon evolves during the show. He never really quits the “bad boy” act, but in a lot of ways he gets things done that others hesitate over. He makes a convenient go-to-guy since he does not really care about getting his hands dirty.

I am not defending Damon all the way, I think a lot of things he does is plain awful and bad but things that Stefan does is in many ways on the same level, so I think it is time to take away the label of bad boy from Damon in the same way I think we should replace the good guy label to Matt Donovan. There is one guy who has been good all the way. The worst things he has done is always on the innocent scale compared to all the bad things all the rest in the show does. He is the stand up guy who never really wins anything either. When the show starts he has been dumped by Elena. His sister is a drug junkie, his mother is a no-show and he is still hanging on and tries to make the best of everything.

He ends up loosing basically everyone, he never really gets to have a love story in the show in the same way that everyone else does and still he is alongside the others all the way, having their backs. Now THAT is a good guy label. Don’t ya think?

And as for the bad boy….the really bad one in Vampire diaries has to be Klaus Mikaelsen or Silas but no, they don’t appear in the same amount that Damon does so they comes in as the villain and Damon is still on “the right side” but in a shifty way, therefore he gets the bad boy label. Is that really fair? I’d say no.


Pictures is borrowed from the big cabine of the Interwebs

Character dynamics

It might be some slight spoiler-alerts here on Vampire diaries and Teen wolf. But the post is mainly about characters rather than the plot. But don’t say I didn’t warn you ;)

So the dynamics in shows is often somewhat similar. Since I am now hooked on both Teen wolf and the Vampire diaries I couldn’t help but see the resemblance between the shows and how their characters are set. Let me demonstrate:

The Savior/The good guy

Stefan Salvatore

and Scott McCall

Scott is a werewolf and Stefan is a vampire. Both have urges they fight but is always on the good side, the really good blokes who sticks up for their friends at all costs (apart from the turns where Stefan has his humanity switched off) but basically, they have the same character. Check.


Elena Gilbert

and Allison Argent

Both of these characters are the main love interest for two boys who are on the opposite sides of good, sort of. In Elenas case the battle is between brothers Stefan, obviously the good dude, and his more questionable brother Damon (and yes I my self is a Dalena-fan). In Allisons case the interest is in conflict between Scott and Isaac, even though Isaacs badishness is not at all in the same league as Damons, but he is way more shady than our beloved Scott. And the girl her self is the coolest, prettiest, toughest and most moral ever. They are simply kick ass with huge personal drama and sorrow in their luggage. Similarity is huge. Check.

The fixer/the übersmart girl

Caroline Forbes

and Lydia Martin

Both are slightly bitchy (in the beginning of the shows, they both warm up as the show goes along and becomes more humane and nice), both are up for casual sex and flirting. That combined with smarts, fixing skills and enormous imagination to fix problems that seems to be unfixable. And both have troubled love-lives. Caroline Forbes and Tyler Lockwood is somewhat complicated  in the same way that Lydia first has her relationship drama with Jackson and then Aidan. On top of that we have the twist with the really bad guy in both of the shows. Caroline is drawn to bad ass Klaus Mikaelsen in ways she hates but can’t really resist. And Lydia has her weird connection to Peter Hale who is, to say the least, really shady. Similarities between Caroline and Lydia? Yes.

The parent who is aware of all supernatural going on and helps out to keep the secrets:

Liz Forbes

and Melissa McCall

The moms of Scott McCall and Caroline Forbes are the go-to parent. They know the secrets of the supernatural going on and they also have very convenient occupations to help with this, since Liz is a police officer and Melissa is a nurse. Super convenient, don’t ya think. I also know that in Teen wolf there are other parents that fills these shoes, like Stiles’ dad and Allisons dad, but Allisons dad is more similar to the next character-type:

The grown up/parent that helps out in practical ways:

Alaric Saltzman

And Chris Argent

Both hunters of the supernatural but still ends up making good friends with several supernatural creatures after some happenings that makes them re-evaluate their believes. Similarity is high with these two men.


So. There are more characters I could list but I think I will settle for this. I’d say, that if you like Teen wolf, you pretty much like Vampire diaries, or vice versa. The stories are kind of similar and it is very much that resembles one another. But the ones listed above, that is where the real spot on is. Enjoy.

I am holding my breath for the season openings for both of them now.


Candles, this is where I draw the line?

I like the light of candle lights. The warm and living sparkles from candles instead of electric light is very appealing to me, so for me having candles instead of a lamp is not a big deal, but I am amazed over the amount of candles there are in shows that in some way is supposed to show the supernatural.

TO - Elijah Hayley

And also the places where there is just endless amounts of candles where it makes absolutely no frikkin sense. Like the picture above. This is Hayley and Elijah in The Originals, in a semi torn down building, still there is candles enough to need a small car just to transport the candles there.

Or this picture:


Seriously, how many candles are there? This is a very very very common sight in every show containing witches, warlocks, vampires or anything remotely supernatural, and by all means fine, where it makes sense it is really nice, but when I see this amount of candles in a cave no one has sat foot in for a century, I think it is kind of killing the mood. I am way to rational and logical to think it is a possible scenario. WHO took the effort to drag all the candles there? Who lit them all and who is going to take them away later?

I also see my total fail in being consistent in my reason here, ’cause apparently I don’t think it is an illogical thing with vampires, witches and werewolf, but when it is to many candles, I draw the line?

Vampire shows

slight spoiler alert on Vampire diaries (up until beginning of season 3), True blood (until the end of season 6) and The originals (until end of season one)

So, I have had a week of over consuming vampire-shows. First I caught ahead what I hade missed on True blood since I stopped watching that show at the end of season four,  which gave me 2 seasons to watch and after that I added the first season of The Originals, spin-off show from Vampire Diaries. I did the illogical choice of giving the Originals a chance even if I didn’t like vampire diaries, mainly ’cause the only character I enjoyed in TVP was Klaus and well, he is one of the main characters in TO so Tada; win for me.

After this marathon of Vampire-frenzy I have come to the conclusion that if you want to sum up, in a more humoristic way, how vampire shows works, this is basically it. Don’t get me wrong; I love the shows so I am not mocking them, I am just taking a humourous spin on the plot and conversations:

Betrayal, treachery and deceit – words never spoken in any other genre as frequently as in vampire shows. There is always someone who is doing these things and always with a cunning twist.

Twisted love relations; Days of our lives or any other drama that has gone on for ever, has nothing on these shows. I mean; Sookie, the ferry falls for Vampire Bill, who is enemy with Eric Northman, Eric betrays everyone all the time and still he manages to get Sookie to somehow love him in a weird ass way, for a while, then she ends up with the werewolf that no vampire likes. Logic. I mean that is after everyone has deceived everyone in some way and everybody has been hurt beyond recognition.  The gif below pretty much sums it up.

(gif borrowed from:

In The originals we take it a step further; Hayley – werewolf, has a one night stand with Klaus – the original vampire and also hybrid werewolf, just to find out the impossible; she is pregnant with a hybrid baby. Witches goes crazy, werewolf goes berserk and Elijah, Klauses brother and also original vampire falls madly in love with the girl, who is carrying his brothers miracle baby. Complicated enough for you?


Still, the main thing on my mind after this vampire addiction is that I could never ever visit New Orleans. If a vampire didn’t cross my path in like five seconds I’d be highly dissapointed, and we all know, that will never happen. The Originals is located in New Orleans and True blood is in Louisiana in general with strong connections to New Orleans on a regular basis.



The biggest difference is sex

I have started watching True blood again. I followed the show until the end of season four and then I didn’t pick it up again when season five came out, but now I am on it again. One of the reasons to why I stopped following the show was because I read almost all of the books during that time, and somehow I just got sidetracked away from it since it has never been a true favorite of mine. BUT, something has caught my attention now, since I’ve read the books and seen most of the show as. The transformation from books to show is a giant leap regarding Sookie Stackhouse and the things going on in Bon Temps. The books and show is very different, specially in one aspect:


The books about Sookie Stackhouse is pretty modest in the port rail of sex and lust. Fine, Jason is the horndog and Eric is still very sexually active, but not in the obvious blunt way shown in the show. No, it is more insinuated between the lines or said in very few words. The only part I can remember as quite in the amount of sex is the part where Eric suffers from amnesia due to  a spell and he and Sookie starts a sort of relationship.

The same thing is happening in Game of Thrones. The further I read in the books I realize that this show is equal in that aspect; the books are written with metaphors and implies sex a lot more than it is actually written with so many words. As books I would classify both GoT and TB as rather modest and not at all “sexy”.

So; why has HBO, which is the production company behind both shows, decided to add a butt load of sex, when it is not really needed. I can assure you, the books and the plot catches us anyways. Is sex really THAT selling, so good books needs to get added nipples and butts just to get viewer more interested?

Drawing Ethan Chandler from Penny Dreadful

I got hooked on this picture:

So, I decided to do a drawing of it, but my goal was also to make it a bit misty, like Chandler appearing out of a fog. This is how I basically do my drawings.

First I do the outlines so I know where all things are supposed to be and then I start doing the first shadows and the right eye. I try to do as much as possible from right to left, since I am left-handed and even if I use a piece of paper to rest my arm on, the more smudging I can prevent the better.


I also try to work from top to bottom as much as I can, cause of the same reasons as above, the smudging is prevented by working like this. If the outlines gets smudged it doesn’t create a problem but if the shadows does, it is a problem. So therefore my drawings is usually a bit like a puzzle on the way, making it piece by piece




And then the final touch. I realized when I was done, that my Josh looks a bit less fierce than the photo. I should have made his eyes more angry, but okay, I am fine with that. I also did not put THAT much effort into the hair this time, since this was a practice drawing mainly on hands and the shadows of his clothing.


In all, this drawing took me about 8 hours to do from first pencil stroke to the last.

Penny Dreadful

New show from Showtime. I have watched the two first episodes on HBO nordic (one of my best choices ever; to get an account there). First of all I am happy to see Josh Hartnett on screen again, since he is one of my favorite actors, and get your heads out of the gutter, I admire his acting talents, not his physical appearence, just sayin’. Furthermore I am so delighted that wonderful Billie Piper is in this show. I fell so hard for that woman when she did the role of Rose Tyler  in Doctor Who and after that, if she is in it, it is basically good.

So, the show is somewhat of a horror show, it reminds me of The league of extraordinary gentlemen, since, so far Victor Frankenstein, Mina from Dracula (at least I assume that it is that particular Mina), Dorian Gray and the creature from Frankenstein is in the plot and that is just two episodes in to the show. I give this show so far thumbs up and I know I will continue watching it, it is dark, set in London and it is creepy. Totaly my taste.